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ARTECOLL is a new kind of medical hairdressing and biological polymer materials .The rich PMMA microballoons it obtained can stimulate human body to continually produce connective tissues and collagens. The tissues and collagens can make full of collapsed part of our body and reduce wrinkles within several minutes so that you can easily restore young state.

  The fourth generation of ARTECOLL improves the carrier collagens of ARTECOLL injecta and can extend the maintenance time of collagens in our body from three months of the third generation to six months. ARTECOLL can continuously dispel wrinkles and remedy defects because PMMA can stimulate human body to continually produce collagens. What¨s more, there are multitudinous collagens in PMMA microballoons of the fourth generation of ARTECOLL, thus the contact surface between microballoons and human body is larger and thus it can stimulate human body to produce more collagens in a short time.

  Efficacy of ARTECOLL: Natural shaping!!Nose reshapingearlobe reshaping, lip enlargement, chin enlargement, temple enlargement, cheek plumpen, upturned nose repaired, facial depression filling, treatment of acnes, scars and sunken lower eyelids, mouth sagging corners lifting. ARTECOLL can help to shape facial outline perfect without any marks. Permanent anti-wrinkles!!Treating wrinkles on one's forehead, glabellum wrinkles, crow's-feet, neck lines, oral commissures and nasolabial sulcus. ARTECOLL can help to eliminate the signs of aging and bring young state to you instantly.

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